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Brand: Plasma Clean UK Model: AirKlean S
AirKlean S air disinfection unitFor: Food HygieneThe AirKlean S has been designed to disinfect air in small enclosed spaces – cold stores, production facilities, public areas, in fact anywhere that requires infection and odour control.The unit is ceiling mounted and has an intern..
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MobiKlean UVGI Infection Control MobiKlean UVGI Infection Control
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Brand: Plasma Clean UK Model: MobiKlean UVGI
MobiKlean UVGI Решение за контролиране на инфекцииКаталог и ценова листа 2020MobiKlean UVGI е идеално решение за дезинфекция на помещения използани в различни икономически сектори и среди; като болници, офиси и хотелски стаи например. Нашето решение е преносимо и леко и осигурява до 99.99% д..
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Brand: Plasma Clean UK Model: TehniKlean
TechniKlean UVGI• Specifying & InstallingIntroduction to UVGI • Ultraviolet Germicidal IrradiationUltraviolet light in the c-band range (225–302 nm) is lethal to micro-organisms and is referred to as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI works by cross linking nucleic acids (DNA & ..
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