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Floor convector PW90e Floor convector PW90e
Brand: MINIB Model: PW90e
Floor convector without fan PW90eGalvanized steel tub Universal water connection High output of natural convectionCHARACTERISTICEconomy Line High output in proportion to the width Short response time Right-left designDIMENSIONSWidth 340 mm Build height 90 mm Length 900 ..
Ex Tax:349.00лв.
Floor convector T50
Brand: MINIB Model: T50
Unique convector in the global market. Unsurpassed height of only 50 mm.CHARACTERISTICsuitable for interiors with the requirement of lowest structural height very high forced convection heating efficiency rapidly reacting heating unit heats even when the fan is turned off low electrical ..
Ex Tax:717.50лв.
Floor convector TE
Brand: MINIB Model: TE
Direct convector heater with a fan with 230 V connection.CHARACTERISTIChigh power very short reaction time suitable for interiors where there is no hot water supplyDIMENSIONSWidth 303 mm Build height 125 mm Length 500 - 2500 mm..
Ex Tax:906.67лв.
Floor convector TO85
Brand: MINIB Model: TO85
Floor convector with a fan for an interior with wet environment with 32est height and width.CHARACTERISTIChigh forced convection heating efficiency rapidly reacting heating unit heats even when the fan is turned off safe 12V AC voltage suitable primarily for swimming pools simple contro..
Ex Tax:1,136.67лв.
Free-standing Convectors DP Free-standing Convectors DP
Brand: MINIB Model: DP
All-wood free standing convector without fan. Specially designed esthetic interior component manufactured from solid timber (beech). CHARACTERISTIChigh natural convection output short response timeDIMENSIONSWidth 176 mm Build height 214 mm Length 900 - 2000 mm ..
Ex Tax:425.83лв.
Free-standing Convectors LP Free-standing Convectors LP
Brand: MINIB Model: LP
Heating bench without fan with GRANITE or WOODEN top panel. The bench is suitable as an esthetic component for interiors or swimming pools. CHARACTERISTICvery high convection output high radiation output quick response heating elementDIMENSIONSWidth 280 mm Build height&nb..
Ex Tax:1,734.17лв.
Free-standing Convectors SK PTG Free-standing Convectors SK PTG
Brand: MINIB Model: SK PTG
Suitable for interiors without power supply or where the most effi cient solution is required in terms of power supply.CHARACTERISTIChigh forced convection output short response time zero power supply silent operation DIMENSIONSWidth 156 mm Build height 308 mm Leng..
Ex Tax:2,090.00лв.
Free-standing Convectors SK1 Free-standing Convectors SK1
Brand: MINIB Model: SK1
Lowest free standing convector with fan.CHARACTERISTIChigh forced convection heating output quick response heating element heating even with fan switched off low power consumption safe voltage 12 V DC easy control DIMENSIONSWidth 156 mm Build height 238 mm Length..
Ex Tax:791.67лв.
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